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Endorse the Second Left Elect Conference! 

We are organizing a second national conference March 3-5 2017 in Chicago to gather candidates, individuals, and organizations committed to a left political alliance in opposition to the two-party system of corporate-capitalist rule. We believe a meeting after the 2016 election cycle will afford us an important opportunity to discuss our diverse experiences, and to continue to forge unity between our local efforts, campaigns, and electoral vehicles.

We need your help to make the conference a success. To endorse the conference or to get involved with organizing it, please fill out the following form:


Please be sure to fill out the form, even if you were an endorser of the 2015 conference or have endorsed the Left Elect initiative since.


Join us in Philadelphia Concurrent with the DNC


LeftElect sponsored two panel sessions at the 2016 Left Forum

In the above session, Jill Stein, Chris Hedges, and Glen Ford discussed Sanders and the future of independent politics. In the other session,. Rukia Lumumba discussing The Jackson Plan, the electoral work of both her father and brother, the current fight back (Confederate Spring) and the difficulties and benefits of running in Mississippi. Howie Hawkins focused on the dangers of supporting the Sanders campaign for the Left. Bryan Koulouris explained Socialist Alternative’s experience in supporting the Sanders Campaign. Khalid Raheem shared his party’s experience in attempting to build a viable black political party as an alternative tot he Democrats and Republicans.

Left Elect hosted a  reception at the 2016 Labor Notes Conference

Over 100 people gathered at 10 PM on April 2 to hear Gayle McLaughlin, Kshama Sawant, and Howie Hawkins talk about Left Elect and the need for political independence from the two parties of capital.


This page is a continuation of the Future of Left & Independent Politics Electoral Action Conference, which occurred in Chicago on May 2-3 2015.  The original page and details of which can be viewed here.

Kshama Sawant’s Greetings to the May 2015 Conference

Kshama Sawant’s Re-election Page

Assessments of the conference
Assessments of the conference


Left, Independent Political Action Conference: Unprecedented Cooperation by Dan La Botz at New Politics

Report and supplemental thoughts by Louis Proyect & Mark Lause at North Star


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Left Forum panels by Conference participants:

Should the Left Support Bernie Sanders?, a joint effort by several groups

Reviewing Struggles in Seattle and the Next Steps by Socialist Alternative

Toward a Mass Left Party by North Star


san diego left alternative
San Diego had a report-back on the conference